About Us

We live, eat and breathe business insurance

Established in 1996, RateCraft has been lowering business insurance premiums throughout the U.S. by as much as 74% for more than 19 years. We market and negotiate your insurance based on the coverage’s you provide to us and utilize benchmark data. We make sure we obtain as many quotes as possible allowing for the most competition on your account. The quotes must be equivalent to the rating and coverage of your current carrier or we do not consider them a viable option. You of course always make the final decision.


Our no-risk approach

We can bring our expertise to you at a very low cost. We make it a win/win. We simply take a percentage  of the saved amount for one year. There are never any upfront fees.

Our service is easy to use and most importantly it WORKS. We encourage your feedback and comments and look forward to helping you reduce your insurance premiums.

Doesn’t it make sense to work with a firm whose interests are completely aligned with yours? We only make a profit when we can substantially cut your costs.