Our Story

We live, eat and breathe business and benefits insurance

As a previous insurance agent, prospective clients wanted better coverage or to know they had the right coverage and they wanted their premiums to either stop going up, or better yet, they wanted them to go down.  Many prospective clients also wanted to stay with their current agent because they are friends.  So it made sense that we needed some solutions for these issues.

Businesses were paying too much!

I was always that kid that didn’t like the bully, and being that I was fairly tall, I could step in and give the weaker kid some backup and stop the bullying from the kids that thought no one would help.

I grew up, but still never liked it when I thought someone was being taken advantage of and this was happening in insurance.  So I created analytic benchmarking to establish pricing for better negotiating common commercial and health insurance products and launched our company.  We have completed over 850 projects and well over $10 million dollars of premiums saved in our 23 years in business.

It’s more than benchmarking though, it is knowing the inside world of insurance that you as a business owner simply are unaware of, or simply don’t have the time, and agents and insurance companies aren’t sharing.

How well does it work?  We are contingent paid, we believe in only being paid IF we bring value, and we have a 98% success rate, so it’s almost a sure thing!  If we can’t find savings, it’s validation that your agent is doing an excellent job and that costs you nothing, but it sure gives peace of mind and solidifies trust with who you are currently working with now.

Group health insurance is a lead area we work in these days with groups between 70-6,000 employees, coast to coast, all the talk about it going up is simply not necessary.  There are strategies that work but the system is broken and you the business owner are not getting the inside knowledge to help your organization.  Have you or your human resources department heard the following:

“We received your renewal and it is at 6% or trend”

“We have a great renewal at just a 4% increase, below trend”

“Your renewal went up 20% due to high claims”

“We have a “no-bid” offer at 5% if we do not go out to market, or 10% if we do go out to the market”

“We’ve gone to all the market and there are just not any better options”

These statements make us laugh and sick at the same time, this is the talk that is out there, but it is not the truth in 98% of the cases we review!!!!!

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The system is broken, you need an advocate and now you have that resource, so you will never be taken advantage of by a system that simply is not working, but only if you take action.

Our no-risk approach

We make it a win/win. We simply share in the savings with you.  No savings, no fee. There are never any upfront fees.

Our service is easy to use and most importantly it WORKS. We encourage your feedback and comments and look forward to helping you reduce your insurance premiums.

Doesn’t it make sense to work with a firm whose interests are completely aligned with yours?  We look forward to being your advocate.

Andrea Luoni – CEO/Founder