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We’ve worked hard to streamline our process so that we can keep your time commitment to a minimum, while delivering the best-possible result.

  • Exploration. In just fifteen minutes, RateCraft answers your questions and reviews your current premium. 98% of the time we can make a substantial difference. After that, you review our one page contract and decide if you wish to engage our services.
  • Data Collection. Thirty minutes is all it takes to have you or your agent supply us with all of your insurance policies and other data electronically. We can work with your administrative staff, your agent, or we’re happy to work directly with you. Usually, there will be ten minutes of follow-up phone time or emails to answer questions the insurance carrier might have.
  • Marketing. We review your policy, and then work with our benchmarking and network of insurance providers including your agent to obtain quotes from all markets. We negotiate on your behalf to get the most coverage for the smallest premium. This happens while you return to your work day.
  • Results. One twenty-minute meeting where we present our results and you are astonished at the savings. We discuss strategy for either selecting the best quote or for using the quote as leverage with your existing agency and carrier. An additional ten minutes of phone time for finalizing the transaction.

Your total time commitment is less than 2 hours. Much of the work can be delegated to your administrative staff. Of course, we’re happy to spend as much time with you as you would like to make sure you fully understand your policy, our approach and your options.   A quality agent that truly works for you, should be happy to have us help them obtain the best pricing and coverage for you.

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