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Obligation-Free Review

We also offer a complimentary review of your insurance policies. Send a copy of your last proposal from your agent to [email protected], or upload in the form here. We will conduct a comprehensive plan evaluation, completely free of charge. See below for what happens next.

What Happens Next


 We can make a substantial difference for 98% of the businesses we review. Before you decide to engage in our services, we provide you with a simple contract that includes our learnings gained from reviewing your current premium. We only collect payment on a contingency basis. 

Data Collection

We can work with your administrative staff and agent, or we’re happy to work directly with you. Usually, there will be 10 minutes of follow-up phone time or email correspondence to answer questions the insurance carrier might have.


We discuss strategy for either selecting the best available quote or for using the best quote as leverage with your existing agency and carrier. Before the end of the meeting, we work to finalize the transaction so you can take advantage of your new savings and benefits as soon as possible.

The entire process is obligation free. If you choose to work with us, we only get paid based on if and how much money we save you. And, we save our clients’ money 98% of the time.

Additionally, in an effort to further support businesses during this challenging time, RateCraft is offering all new clients through the end of the year three-months deferred payments so you can further extend immediate cost savings.