Our cost-savings methodology gets you better coverage for less money in under two hours.

RateCraft is the leader in business insurance premium reductions. We're not insurance agents. We act as industry-expert consultants who live, eat and breathe insurance every day.  With over 750 successful projects and over 19 years using our cost savings methodology we have a significant impact on improving your cost and coverage.

The fact is, the insurance sales network is stacked against you as the buyer. We even the playing field and work the system on your behalf. Our average savings is 35%, the most we have saved a client is 74%.

4 Secrets the Insurance Industry doesn’t want you to know

  1. Your agent represents the insurance carrier.
  2. You cannot get the lowest price with one agent.
  3. Everything is negotiable (you don't have to switch agents).
  4. Insurance does not need to be time-consuming.

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How to get Started


RateCraft answers your questions and reviews your current premium. 98% of the time we can make a substantial difference. You review our one page contract and decide if you wish to engage our services.

Data Collection

We have you or your agent supply us with all of your insurance policies and other data electronically. We can work with your administrative staff, your agent, or we’re happy to work directly with you. Usually, there will be ten minutes of follow-up phone time or emails to answer questions the insurance carrier might have.


We review your policy, and then work with our network of insurance providers to obtain quotes from all markets. We negotiate on your behalf to get the most coverage for the smallest premium.


Twenty minute meeting where we present our results and you are astonished at the savings. We discuss strategy for either selecting the best quote or for using the quote as leverage with your existing agency and carrier. An additional ten minutes of phone time for finalizing the transaction.

Our happy clients

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With just a fifteen-minute phone call we can let you know whether your organization is eligible to save on existing premiums. Call us now at 1-888-632-9900 or click the button below to send us an email.